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Welcome to Celebration Lifelong’s Online Registration.

Tips for Easy Online Registration

  • Oops! We all forget sometimes.
    If you are an existing member and have forgotten your username, click here: USERNAME RECOVERY
    Forgotten password? Click here: PASSWORD RECOVERY
  • Create an account on our new registration system (launched July 30 for Fall 2020).
    You must create an account one time in the new registration system – Click here:  CREATE NEW ACCOUNT if you are a first-time user.  Be sure to scroll down to the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT section! If you have created an account since July 30, 2020 then you do not have to do it again, just Sign In. When you successfully complete your account set-up, you will receive two separate emails – one with your user id, one with your password. If you have forgotten your user id or password, follow the instructions on the Sign In page.
  • Everyone Needs Membership
    Membership ($40 fee per term) is required in order to purchase courses. If you are browsing the catalog and don’t see any Add to Cart buttons, then you have not added Membership to your cart yet and have not previously purchased Membership for this term. Click on the Add Membership button at the top of the catalog home page and scroll to the bottom of the Membership page to add Membership to your cart.
  • Find & Select Your Courses

Browse through the courses by Category or see All Courses in alphabetical order. You may also search by various criteria or use the interactive Schedule at a Glance by clicking on the course name. Note that you will see the course description twice in the course details provided by the Schedule at a Glance. If you add the course, it will only be added once.

Be careful you don’t select more than one course at the same time. The system will prevent you from adding the same course to your cart twice but will not stop two different courses at the same time.

If you previously bought membership for this term and add it to your cart again, along with other courses, when you click Check Out it will clear your cart completely and you will have to re-add your other courses. If you add a duplicate purchase of any other course just that course will be cleared.

  • In Your Inbox
    If you paid by credit card, you will receive a CELEBRATION LIFELONG: Your registration has been confirmed” email, with a list of your courses that you registered for and a receipt for charges.

If you opted to pay by check then you will receive a CELEBRATION LIFELONG: We have received your order; further action may be required” email and your courses will be flagged “Status: Registered Not Paid.”   Once we receive payment, your courses will be changed to “Status: Registered” and you will receive another email with your status change confirmed. To pay by cash, or a check made out to “Celebration Foundation”, mail to 610 Sycamore Street, Suite 110, Celebration, FL 34747.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact our office at Lifelong@CelebrationFoundation.org or call 407-595-5905.