By Rachel McIntee

A real-life story…

Evelyn Grosso moved to Celebration, Florida in 1999 and later became a member of Celebration Foundation’s Thriving In Place program in 2016. Evelyn heard about Thriving In Place through the Lifelong Learning program also offered by the Celebration Foundation and Annette Curti, a Thriving In Place volunteer. She then attended a lunch where she was kindly welcomed and felt she had found her niche and made some good friends. Evelyn has always been a very active member using the social engagement type of benefits offered by the program.

Evelyn enjoys the weekly lunches and is very involved with the excursions. She is even on the excursion planning committee! She also participates in chair yoga. Evelyn says, “Thriving In Place gives me a purpose. People need to be needed by others.”

It wasn’t until recently that Evelyn saw a need for the service side of the program. Unfortunately, she was in a car accident in January 2019 – she has recovered quickly and is on the move again! She now has transportation needs which the Thriving In Place Program is able to provide for Evelyn. “Little did I know I’d eventually need the transport side. It’s an adjustment but Thriving In Place has helped with that,” she said.

When asked what the biggest benefit of Thriving In Place is, Evelyn couldn’t choose just one. She mentioned it helps with socialization which prevents her from being alone, services such as the transportation benefit, and she likes the fact that you can choose to do as much or as little as you would like. “Between all of the offerings, I’ve had so much to do I have to choose because there is not enough time to do it all,” said Evelyn.

Evelyn’s story is the reason we do what we do. We offer Thriving In Place because it is an important resource for our seniors living in this community.

I thank Evelyn for allowing me to share her powerful message and encourage each of you to stop by for a cup of coffee or just to chat to learn more about the benefits offered by Thriving In Place. We are here for you.

Thriving In Place is a community-based membership program under the umbrella of the Celebration Foundation. Our members are Celebration residents who are at least 55 years of age, or a person with a disability of any age, who want to stay in their own homes and lead a healthy, safe, independent and productive life.

For questions regarding Thriving in Place please call 407-572-9850, e-mail, or visit the office at 690 Celebration Avenue.