By Eileen Crawford

On Friday, April 5th, Celebration Foundation’s Women’s Initiative Nurturing Girls’ Strength (WINGS) at Celebration School K-8 celebrated the conclusion of its fifth year promoting the power of girls and women with a packed Power Breakfast, highlighting how Celebration girls and women have “engineered” their phenomenal futures.

Emceed by Celebration School counselor Rose Pollzzie and Eileen Crawford of Associates in Counseling for Family Health, the program was jammed with real and virtual guests who had powerful messages to share with the students. Keynote speaker Lisa Enos Smith, president of Celebration’s own Renaissance Entertainment, shared her story of how growing up in rural Oklahoma and Florida led her to a life she never imagined. She encouraged students to own their story, with all its bumps, failures and wrong turns, because in the end those can lead to a very good place.

Students were visited virtually through taped videos sent by four women who graduated from Celebration Schools and have gone on to have exciting careers and life stories. Rachel Binns Terrill (Class of ’99 from the K-12 era) has earned her PhD in love and relationships, and now works for the NFL helping couples cope with transition from their playing days into retirement. Ashley Pennington Van Stone (class of ’04) is Executive Director of Trash-Free Maryland.  Brynn Crawford Lang (class of ’05) is a controller for Gilbane Construction working in New York City, and Mary Ellen Di Tommaso (class of ’09) shared how she was inspired back in 7th grade by a visit from Disney Imagineers, leading her to build a career in industrial engineering, which has allowed her to enjoy international travel.

In addition to the inspirational speakers, students enjoyed a rollicking game of Women Power trivia, and loved the prizes and surprises sprinkled throughout the morning.

WINGS at Celebration K-8 has sponsored monthly Power Lunches for 150 5th-8th grade students who signed up at the beginning of the school year. WINGS is dedicated to help girls and women soar to their highest potential. Follow our news and events through the Celebration Foundation.

For more info on WINGS at K-8, contact the school counseling department, and for WINGS in the community, call the Foundation at 407-566-1234 or visit