On Friday, January 25th, the Celebration Foundation’s WINGS (Women’s Initiative Nurturing Girls’ Strength) program held their monthly “Power Lunch” at Celebration K-8, where students in grades 5 through 8 discuss challenges they face every day. This month we addressed how the anonymity of social media can make it easy to be unkind to others, but that kindness delivered by being an “upstander”, and not just a bystander, can make all the difference. Students identified skills they can use when faced with cruel comments at school.

In more WINGS news, the Celebration Foundation continues to support a WINGS club at Celebration High School. In its second year, the club has a new sponsor, CHS math teacher Ms. Faranak Salehi.  Ms. Salehi and several interested students are bringing new enthusiasm to WINGS, so stay tuned as the students chart the direction they will take their club.

For more info on WINGS at K-8, contact the school counseling department, and for WINGS in the community, call the Foundation at 407-566-1234 or visit www.celebrationfoundation.org.