By Cara and Maddi Hewett

We had an incredible evening at the July 30th Shawn Mendes concert!

When the raffle ticket offer came in through my phone from the Celebration Foundation I immediately took note. No way, I thought, two Shawn Mendes box seat tickets!

For one thing, I am a supporter of the Foundation’s WINGS program, the benefactor of the sale of the tickets, and secondly, my daughter, Maddi, wanted to see Shawn in concert. With that in mind, I purchased a few tickets. I then put my knowledge of the law of attraction into action, even telling my daughter that I thought we were going to win. Positive thinking paid off when, sure enough, we got the call that we were the winners.

The Amway Center was full of mostly young girls who eagerly awaited Shawn’s appearance from below the stage. When he came out singing “Lost in Japan,” the entire arena went crazy. Shawn played guitar, piano, and sang his heart out for two hours. He is an extremely talented musician and is really good looking! (Yes, I could easily be his mother, but I still couldn’t help but notice.)

We had a wonderful mother-daughter night out. Thank you to the Celebration Foundation’s WINGS program!

Celebration Foundation’s WINGS (Women’s Initiative Nurturing Girls’ Strength) program was created to explore ways in which girls and women can reach their highest potential. Goal setting, leadership qualities, and positive self-image are some of the topics explored through Power Lunches, done in partnership with Celebration K-8 School, and regional events.