By Breanne O’Leary

On Thursday, October 17, WINGS had the opportunity to visit one of our wonderful partners, AdventHealth Celebration. Thanks to Deborah Laughon, Director of Professional Development and Clinical Excellence at AdventHealth Celebration, WINGS got to take 50 Celebration K-8 middle schoolers in our program to AdventHealth to learn about medical careers. Students rotated through 10 different stations, which spanned career fields such as pharmacy, nursing, radiology, nutrition, simulation, and more.

A special thank you is owed to AdventHealth staff, who took time out of their day to teach students about their job. Pharmacists brought out their medical-grade leeches to teach students about the benefits of leeches to humans’ blood. The emergency department introduced students to a new tool that they use to light up people’s veins so that the nurses have an easier time sticking in an IV. The infectious disease department did an enlightening handwashing exercise, and at the simulation station, students got to give CPR to a mannequin while watching its vitals. Thanks to AdventHealth for helping educate and prepare our future!

Celebration Foundation’s WINGS (Women’s Initiative Nurturing Girls’ Strength) program was created to explore ways in which girls and women can reach their highest potential. Goal setting, leadership qualities, and positive self-image are some of the topics explored through Power Lunches, done in partnership with Celebration K-8 School, and regional events.