Program Details

The Celebration Foundation awards grants to organizations serving Celebration and surrounding Osceola County. We welcome all qualified candidates to submit an application by the deadlines listed below.

Grant Guidelines

The Celebration Foundation is proud to sponsor many initiatives and programs in the town of Celebration and Osceola County. Founded in 1996, our mission is building better community through the arts, culture, and education. The Foundation promotes community engagement and is committed to three areas of focus: the arts, culture, and education.

One of the Celebration Foundation’s goals is to provide grants and other funding to community and charitable organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to building community. Each year, a limited number of charitable grants are awarded to projects and organizations that conduct programs and carry out activities that impact the community of Celebration and/or Osceola County. Although the location of the grant requestor can be outside our area, the use of funding must be in Osceola County. Because of the limited amount of funds, not all requests received by the Celebration Foundation can be funded. Guidelines for grants are provided below.

Need: Does the proposed project address an important community need? Does the project relate directly to the grant priorities? Do similar services or projects exist in the community? If so, where does this project fit, and are there opportunities for collaborative efforts?

Feasibility: Can the project be accomplished in the manner and timeframe outlined in the proposal/application?

Impact: Will the effort result in the impact or solutions described? Are the positive changes that occur likely to be sustained beyond the life of the project?

Capacity: Is it appropriate for the applicant organization to address this issue through this project? Do they have qualified staff (paid or volunteer), administration, and governance to accomplish the work? Are they committed to the project?

Resources: Is the proposed budget for the project realistic? Are other potential funding sources being approached? Is it likely that the other funding can be secured? Can the project be supported in the future through other sources of revenue?

Scope of Funding: The Foundation considers funding requests beginning at $200 with a maximum of $5,000. Due to the limited amount of funds, not all requests received by the Celebration Foundation can be funded.

Eligibility Requirements: The Celebration Foundation provides grant funds for projects that address needs in Celebration and our greater Osceola community. All applicants should be in concert with the Foundation’s purpose. Applicants that are awarded grants must agree to provide the Foundation, in writing, at least one report for general publication, detailing the success and benefit of the grant funding.

Grants Will Not Fund the Following:

  • Routine operating expenses
  • Religious programs or activities (churches, and religious organizations may apply for support for activities that benefit the larger community but not for those which have a sectarian purpose)
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Private foundations
  • Costs related to fund-raising campaigns
  • Traditional government services or replacement funding for public support programs that have been cut
  • Politically motivated activities

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whom does the Celebration Foundation support through its granting program?

The Foundation provides grants to 501(c)(3) organizations and other causes that align with the Foundations grant serving purposes.

Do you fund outside the Osceola County, Florida area?

No, we are focused on granting that directly impacts Osceola County and/or the community of Celebration. The location of the grant requestor can be outside this area, but the use of funding must be in Osceola County.

What are the chances of being funded?

Our approach to grant making is focused and strategic; each opportunity identifies a specific set of goals and objectives that support the Foundation’s granting purposes. If you intend to apply for support, you should study our guidelines carefully to determine whether your opportunity clearly fits within the range of activities we support. If there is not a clear fit, it is unlikely that your opportunity will be funded. Additionally, the Foundation receives several very qualified requests every cycle. The amount of money available and the strength of the various requests are both significant factors that impact any grant requests chances of being funded.

May an organization receive more than one grant in a granting period?

Yes, an organization may receive more than one grant in a granting period at the Board of Trustees’ discretion.

What are the Foundation’s criteria for funding television and other media content?

Only if the content and use of the media is primarily dedicated to the advancement of our specific grant purposes.

Does the Granting Officer have discretionary grant funding available?

No, all grant requests are approved by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

What size grants does the Foundation consider?

We consider grant requests starting at $200.

Does the Foundation have specific deadlines for Grant Requests?

Yes, grant requests must be received by the deadlines outlined in the Grant Application Procedures.

Does the Foundation Granting Program support not-for-profit event sponsorships or other general fundraising venues?

No, our Granting Program is designed to support specific programs or events that support our described purposes. We do not grant money for another organization’s general fundraising program. We also do not make grants to an organization that is raising money for another organization’s purpose. We only grant money to the end user organization.

Grant Procedures


An organization must have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

An organization may apply to the Celebration Foundation for a grant application under any of the following deadlines. Phone calls (407-566-1234) prior to submission are welcome, but we hope the process as outlined is more than adequate in determining the Foundation’s requirements. After receipt of an application, interviews or a site visit may be requested by the Foundation. Deadlines are based on the Foundation’s fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

Grant Review Cycles:

1st Cycle: September 15th

2nd Cycle: January 15th

3rd Cycle: April 15th

Three copies (original plus two) of the application must be received at the Foundation office by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date – without exception. The choice to submit an online application by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date will be a valid application with verification of digital signatures of all parties that submit the application. We request a printed copy of online application with original signatures below the digital signatures, along with printed names and specific titles. Applications may be submitted via e-mail, mail or dropped off at the Foundation’s office at 610 Sycamore Street, Suite 110, in Celebration.

The grant application must include the following information and attachments in this order:

Purpose of grant (no longer than 3 pages) to include the following:

  • History and current purpose of organization
  • Project goals, population served, and projected timeline
  • How project outcomes will be measured
  • Plan to complete/or sustain project funding
  • Project budget


  • Current board of directors with affiliations
  • IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
  • Current year budget
  • Prior years’ budget compared to actual financial results

Completed grant application form is to be signed by both the Executive Director and President of the organization’s board of directors. Please submit an original by bringing it in person to the office, or by mailing, along with two copies.

Proposals are reviewed by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees Grant Committee. All applicants will be notified of the Foundation’s decision as soon as possible upon completion of the committee review.

In making decisions, the Foundation will look to the applicant’s accomplishments, financial stability, leadership, and long-term planning – as well as to the merits of the proposed funding project.

PLEASE NOTE: Your application is considered incomplete and will not be reviewed if any of the above information is not included.

Notes: A specific program may submit only one application within any given 12-month period. Organizations are encouraged to find broad funding sources and may not be considered for grants for successive years.

Grant Application