Thriving In Place Stays Connected


One of the Celebration Foundation’s programs, Thriving in Place is dedicated to the residents of Celebration who are 55+ or disabled of any age, living in their own homes. The Foundation strives to provide our members with safe, independent, and enriching lives. Members of the Thriving in Place Community are able to virtually interact with others and participate in online activities. With the current status of our world, community connection is more important than ever. That is why the Thriving [...]

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Get to Know the Celebration Foundation Today


By: Hanalyse Loboda Since 1996, Celebration Foundation has strived to deliver on the operating principles in order to form a strong and caring community.  Some operating principles are: Serve as a focal point for volunteer activities by enlisting support and resources from Celebration and surrounding community. Encourage the spirit of community [...]

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Feeling Confined? Expand Your Horizons!


Beginning on Tuesday, September 8 you will have the opportunity to journey to Strasbourg, France, discover the benefits of meditation and Yoga, learn how to tell a joke, taste and learn about Italian wines and explore local Celebration and Florida history.  Well, you won’t be able to attend all of these [...]

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Drive-by Blast-off for Teachers by Celebration Foundation


By Jim Siegel   Celebration schools may remain closed, with online distance learning still in session, but that did not deter the Celebration Foundation from honoring local teachers with a kick-off to National Teacher Appreciation Week.   The Blast-off event, as it was called, was organized by the Celebration Foundation as [...]

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What It’s Like for Celebration Lifelong Instructors


Celebration Lifelong has been a ‘go-to’ resource in Celebration for many years.  It is one of the “hidden treasures” in our community, resulting from the vision and hard work of its volunteer board, its volunteer instructors, and a community partnership between the Celebration Foundation and the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA). [...]

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At Home with Celebration Lifelong


by Joan Werner I have always felt at home in a classroom, especially an art room (there is something about how it smells), either as a student or as a teacher. Upon moving to Celebration, Lifelong Learning provided that special atmosphere making this beautiful town feel more like home. My art [...]

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Watercolors and Quarantine


by Traci Vinson Back in 2012, we move to Orlando to be near Disney World. Being a new empty nester and not knowing anyone, I found the Lifelong Learning classes at Celebration. I was able to experiment with all the creativity I had been wielding at my poor children for their [...]

Watercolors and Quarantine2020-06-11T12:28:18-04:00
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