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Program OverviewCelebration Foundation - Thriving In Place

Thriving In Place, a community village launched in 2015, is based on three key components: volunteer-driven services, socialization opportunities, and vetted providers to help Celebration residents who are 50+, or living with a disability at any age.

Our Mission

To empower those who are aging or managing a disability to live in their own homes leading healthy, safe, independent, and productive lives.

Membership Benefits

Social EventsCelebration Foundation - Thriving In Place - Grand Floridian Christmas Tree

  • Tuesday Treat & Lunch Bunch
  • Quarterly Potluck & Excursions
  • Exclusive Event Access

Education & Activities

  • Celebration Lifelong Membership
  • Games including BINGO & Trivia
  • Coupon Clippers
  • Happy Stitchers

Health & Wellness

  • Weekly Yoga & “Tuesday Walkers”
  • Water Aerobics & Discounted AdventHealth Gym Membership


  • 10 Monthly Around Town Transports to destinations within Celebration, Monday through Friday during normal office hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m./48-hour notice)
  • VIP (Very Important Person – Phone Calls or In-Person Visits)
  • Light Handyman Services


Individual Membership entitles you to all programs, virtual activities, and volunteer services offered by Thriving In Place for about $1 per day.

Household Membership entitles two people in a household to all programs, virtual activities, and volunteer services offered by Thriving In Place.

Seasonal Membership entitles you to programs, virtual activities, and volunteer services offered by Thriving In Place on a monthly basis with a four-month minimum.

Join Thriving In Place

If you’re interested in joining Thriving In Place, click the button below and fill out the form indicating your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Donate to Thriving In Place

Want to donate, sponsor, volunteer, or become a Friend of Thriving? Please click the CLICK NOW TO DONATE heart, or contact us for more information.

Become a Friend Of Thriving

Friends of Thriving are enthusiastic supporters of the Thriving In Place program who receive recognition for the special role that they play in facilitating the program. The newly established Friends of Thriving is an element of the program that provides equally important benefits to those who choose to participate. An added sense of purpose and contributing to the wellbeing of others brings benefits to the giver, as well as the receiver.


Friends of Thriving Newsletter
A semiannual rundown on the members’ socialization in all its forms, participation in the physical wellness activities, and services provided – designed especially for Friends of Thriving.

Thriving in Place Newsletter
The weekly announcement of all upcoming Thriving In Place events.

Invitations to the Weekly TIP Lunches
Complimentary Friday lunches with the Thriving In Place members (Lunch Bunch), often with special speakers on various wellness topics. RSVP required.

Invitation to the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event
Including volunteers in all aspects of the activities of the Celebration Foundation.

Special Recognition as Friends of Thriving

  1. Name included on the Recognition Wall at Johnson Hall (690 Celebration Avenue).
  2. Designated ribbon identification at all Celebration Foundation events.
  3. Donor recognition is included on Thriving In Place weekly communication listed alphabetically.
  4. Annual gathering of all Friends of Thriving.

Read more about the Friends of  Thriving Concept.


Contribute annually to Thriving in Place:

  • $750 for an individual
  • $750 for an enterprise with less than 100 associates or staff members
  • $1,500 for an enterprise with 100 or more associates or staff members

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