In 2012, Celebration Foundation became the lead agency for Osceola Connected, a grass-roots group of local non-profits, businesses, and faith-based organizations that rallied around Osceola County public school children with hunger issues. Through the collaborative efforts of Osceola Connected, we launched the Learning without Hunger initiative to create county-wide awareness of the local needs of our elementary children. Over 840,000 healthy meals of rice, lentils, and dried vegetables have been packed and distributed to elementary schools in the county. The group also sponsored “Snacks for September” for Osceola County children.
Today, Osceola Connected provides over 1,200 elementary children with weekend food bags during the school year.

Our Mission

We seek to eliminate childhood hunger in Osceola County by partnering with schools, agencies, and other organizations to donate nutritious meals and snacks to children with food insecurity.

Our Work in Action

Please take a couple of minutes and listen to Connor’s story. Food is not a luxury. It is a basic necessity. Connor and his family, like many Osceola County children and their families, struggle daily due to many reasons. They are grateful for the comfort a bag of food can help provide.