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Program Overview

Celebration Lifelong is a lifelong learning membership program open to all adults. Courses are offered purely for the joy of learning— no academic credit or certificates are awarded. Celebration Lifelong instructors, lecturers, and club facilitators are community volunteers. Course topics run the spectrum from arts, culture, and humanities to finance, science, technology, health, and even personal enrichment. The Celebration Lifelong experience offers a congenial learning community and social environment for sharing information and conversation while making lasting friendships.

Each fall and spring term consists of three sessions. A session lasts three weeks, courses have three classes, and most classes last one hour and fifteen minutes. Courses meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. In addition, Tuesdays from 3:00 – 4:15 p.m. are devoted to lectures.

Our Mission

The mission of Celebration Lifelong is to provide an extraordinary educational and enriching program for adults in Celebration and its environs. Dedicated to intellectual growth, social interaction, and well-being of its members, Celebration Lifelong is a membership program that encourages those who are willing to volunteer their time and talents to teach and develop courses and activities.


The Celebration Lifelong office is located at 610 Sycamore Street, Suite 110 in Celebration.  To reach the Celebration Lifelong Program Manager directly please call 407-595-5905 or email Lifelong@CelebrationFoundation.org.

Membership Benefits

  • COURSES:  An extensive selection of 30+ courses offered each term with no tests or homework required.
  • TUESDAY LECTURE SERIES:  Every Tuesday, 3:00 – 4:15 p.m. during the term (see Catalog).
  • CLUBS:  Participation in a variety of clubs – such as Book Club, Brain Train, Film Club, Origami & Paper Crafts, and Wellness Club (see Catalog).
  • GUEST PASSES: Two guest passes per term are included. Based on availability, a member may visit a 75-minute class for which they are not registered. A guest may visit a 75-minute class, lecture, club meeting, or event, based on availability. A guest pass may NOT be used to attend more than one class of any three-part course. 
  • A congenial learning community and social environment for sharing information and conversation while making lasting friendships.
  • A weekly e-mail newsletter, Celebration Lifelong Mondays, informing you of updates and events.

Term Membership Fee

Membership is PER TERMThe fee for Celebration Lifelong membership is $40. Membership can be purchased without purchasing any courses. Membership is non-transferable.

Whether you’re in town full-time or part-time, you can still be a member of Celebration Lifelong! As a member, you can participate in all the clubs and attend the Tuesday Lecture Series. You also have the ability to sign up for as many courses as you’d like. There is an additional fee for each course.

Course Fees

Each course is $20. Some courses have additional fees that may be required for course materials as noted. You can pick as many courses as you like! There are many choices to fit your interests and/or lifestyle. Courses listed must be taken during the current membership term. Courses are not transferable to others.

What do I do if I ONLY want a Single Course?

If you’re not a member but want to take a single course, you can do that too! The charge is $60 ($40 for membership and $20 for the course). The bonus is that you get to enjoy all the lectures and clubs that term.

Refund Policy

Course refunds will be made prior to the beginning of the term for any registered Celebration Lifelong participant needing to drop a course. However, we are not able to refund a course fee once the term has begun. If your schedule changes, you may enroll in another available course within the term. Prorated refunds may be available in cases of extreme hardship, such as immediate death in the family or medical emergencies. Material fees are not subject to refund. All requests for refunds must be made in writing and submitted directly to the Celebration Lifelong office. Membership and courses are not transferable.

Schedule changes? Members may enroll in another available course within the term.

Get Involved with Celebration Lifelong

If you are interested in joining Celebration Lifelong, please visit the Course Catalog to review this term’s courses and register for membership. If you are interested in facilitating a course, lecture, or club with Celebration Lifelong, please visit the Want to Teach? tab to submit your proposal. If you have any questions about getting involved with Celebration Lifelong, please call the Celebration Lifelong office at 407-595-5905 or send an email to Lifelong@CelebrationFoundation.org.