By Kathryn Gordy

Thriving-in-Place members gather each Tuesday morning to do just that – Treats, Coffee, and Conversation from 9:30 to 11 am. After a very long break, it’s wonderful to be meeting again in person. Catching up each week with those we know and meeting new members, some who only recently moved to Celebration. A recent Tuesday was spent on the terrace. We were outside enjoying the Autumn temperatures while soaking up the iconic view of Lake Rianhard, the great lawn, and blue skies spotted with billowy clouds. You could hear laughter in the air, while we shared stories that made even the most serious members find their smile and want to join in. On another occasion, we enjoyed a “pop-up” event of a maker-craft and creating personalized greeting cards sponsored by the Ajello family. We made cards for Thanksgiving, birthdays, or thinking of you. I crafted a thank-you card. It’s easy to find a reason to send one as I am thankful for the many kindnesses that occur each day in Celebration. We were presented with supplies to-go, so we could continue our creativity at home.

Each Tuesday’s gathering is another opportunity to meet the day with optimism, having shared the morning with others. A conversation, a smile and little kindness makes the day a bit brighter, a bit lighter and stays with you into the next day. Want to find out more about the program activities, sponsorships, volunteer opportunities (share your talent – sing, magic, music) or how to join? Call the Thriving in Place Program Manager, Becky Varley at 407-566-1234. Here’s a 2023 spoiler alert; a ticket to one of the Foundation Concerts might be in the works for each member.